Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica SCT-128

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Composer and Player: Mr. Jean LABRE (France)
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Composer : Mr.Albert RAISNER (France)
Player : Mr.Jean LABRE (France)
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Features !
The revolutionary Suzuki SCT-128 allows you the enjoyment of the wonderful tremolo sound, through the same playing style as the conventional Chromatic Harmonica, with slider.
The beautifully streamlined compact body of the SCT-128 gives it the quality of the best Chromatic, with the advantage of the unique tremolo sound.
Old tunes can be re-born in a completely new way with the SCT-128, effective for the octave play method, allowing you a variety of different performances.
The tremolo vibrato has been accentuated on the higher keys for maximum effect. The 2 highest key notes (holes 15 and 16) do not have tremolo vibrato to allow a more concise, clear sound.

Specification !
Range 16 hole, 64 notes, 128 reeds, c-d4
Body Plastic resin
Plate Brass
Reeds Phosphor Bronze
Covers Chrome plated Brass
Mouth piece Gold plated Brass
Size 2008030mm (7.8"3.15"1.2")
Weight 417g (0.93 lbs)
Case Leather case